When Does Your Injury Require Medical Attention?

Most people suffer an injury at some point in their lifetime. If you've recently experienced one, you may not be sure about whether you need medical attention. In a lot of cases, it's possible to treat injuries at home yourself. However, it's always handy to know whether you need to head to a medical centre.

Deep Wounds

Wounds aren't unusual, and it's often the case that your skin will do an excellent job of stitching itself back together. However, if a wound looks particularly long or deep, it's best to seek medical attention. Try to do this as soon as possible, as the clinicians at your local medical centre won't be able to stitch the wound after a certain amount of time has passed. Additionally, if the wound looks particularly dirty it may need debriding. Finally, if the wound comes from a source such as an animal or rusty nail, you may need a tetanus jab.

Non-Weight Bearing

When you suffer from an injury to your lower extremities you may find that it's uncomfortable to walk. Although this isn't unusual, the pain should ease over time. If it doesn't ease within a day or it gets worse, you should head to a medical centre so that someone can take a look at it. Additionally, if you can't bear weight on it at all, you may be dealing with a serious sprain or a broken bone. Clinicians can rule such injuries out with scans and other tests, and they can offer appropriate support and advice once they know what you're dealing with.

Persistent Swelling

One of the body's natural responses to injuries is inflammation. As a result, when you injure yourself you may notice swelling in the affected area. You can try treating this swelling yourself by raising the affected area to encourage fluid to drain away. Additionally, you may want to try ice and over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen. If the swelling doesn't improve or if it worsens, you should go to a medical centre to rule out a serious injury. Also, you should seek medical attention if the swelling is very painful. 

When an injury is particularly serious, early interventions can prevent them from worsening. As such, if you have any concerns about yours you should speak with a medical professional at the earliest opportunity. They may be able to offer advice over the phone, or they might decide that they need to see you for an in-person assessment.

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