Three Things To Avoid While Recovering From A Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries can be very painful at the time, but if you are not careful, the ramifications of poor recovery can last a lifetime. That is why it is so important to be very vigilant while going through a shoulder recovery, even if it is only for a relatively minor injury. The shoulder is one of, if not the, most important joint in the body, and many people lose full use of it well before old age due to poor recovery. Always make sure you get a shoulder injury checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible, but while you are going through recovery here are three things you must absolutely avoid at all costs.

No Common Household Chores That Involve Stretching

While most people will remember to not lift weights or help a friend move during a shoulder reconstruction, many people underestimate just how much shoulder movement they do in their daily lives. For example, changing the linen on a bed can involve a lot of movement, as can trying to dust in high places or vacuum in small corners. The simple truth is that you shouldn't be risking your shoulder until you are back to 100% strength, and you definitely should not be doing any of these activities in the first couple weeks of recovery.

Do Not Carry Your Shopping

You probably will skip a few arm-days at the gym when going through a recovery, but in your day to day life you probably will still try (or forget) to carry your own shopping. Even just a few kilograms of pressure on the shoulder joint can move it out of place or disrupt your recovery. As you slowly get stronger this will become less of an issue, but at the beginning you want to be as careful as possible so it heals correctly. If you are not, then by the time you are 50 or 60 you might not be even able to lift your hands above your head due to a poorly healed shoulder joint.

Exercise Differently

The hardest thing for those who are active is changing their lifestyle to fit an injury recovery plan. If you play a contact sport or even something like tennis, golf, soccer or any other possible sport then you probably should be taking a break while in rehabilitation. Instead, why not try straight cardio exercises like simple jogs through your park, or maybe even bike riding, if your healthcare professionals allow it. You don't want to create too much of a muscle disparity in your good arm and your injured arm, so wait until you are able to use both before returning to normal activities. 

Talk to your doctor for more information about shoulder injury treatment.

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