Dealing With Dementia: Why Order Spare Dentures For Your Parent?

If your parent has recently been diagnosed with dementia and they are in the process of having new dentures fitted, then you may want to encourage them to have a spare set made at the same time. Why is this a good idea?

Manage Memory Problems

As your parent's dementia progresses, they're likely to develop more memory problems. They may, for example, lose things more regularly, including their teeth.

If your parent loses their false teeth at home, then you may find them eventually but this could take some time. If they have a spare set of dentures, then they don't have to go without teeth. You can simply give them the spare set to wear.

Manage Behavioural Problems

Your parent's behaviour may change as their dementia progresses. They may start to do odd things that make no sense to you. In extreme cases, they may simply throw their teeth away because they don't want them anymore.

Or, your parent may start taking their teeth out at odd times and hiding them in unusual places. People with dementia don't always think or act rationally and your parent may put their teeth in places where you wouldn't think to look.

Your parent may refuse to tell you where the dentures are or may simply forget where they put them. The teeth may turn up eventually, usually when you're looking for something else, but you can at least give your parents their spare set until this happens.

Manage Future Dental Treatment Problems

Your parent may be happy to go to the dentist right now. They may be OK sitting through the appointments they need to have their dentures made and fitted.

However, things might change down the line. Your parent's dementia may affect their understanding of dental treatment. It may scare them or they may refuse to see the dentist. In some cases, they may lack the ability to sit still long enough for work to be done.

If you have a spare set of dentures made, then you reduce the chances that your parent will have to see the dentist for new impressions and fittings in the future. They can simply move on to using their spare set if they need to.

To find out more about the benefits of getting a spare set of dentures, talk to your dental treatment provider. They can also give you advice on how your parent's dental needs may change over time and how to handle these changes.

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