Do You Hear Whistling When You Wear Your Hearing Aids?

New-age hearing aids are highly efficient with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancellation and so on. Additionally, with water-resistant hearing aids, you do not have to disrupt your hearing at any moment whether you want to go swimming or take a shower! Nonetheless, one thing all hearing aids have in common is that you will hear a high-pitched sound, similar to whistling, at some point or another. The good news is that this does not present a reason to panic since there are common causes for this problem, as illuminated below.

The hearing aids are worn improperly

In usual cases, when you start hearing whistling noises from your hearing aids, it tends to stem from incorrect positioning. Your hearing aids are supposed to fit deep inside your ear canal, so you should try pushing them farther into your ear until they fit snugly. If this does not resolve the issue, then the problem could be from wearing the hearing aids in the wrong ear. Take out the hearing aids, check the sign for proper placement and reinsert them into your ears. In some instances, the problem could be that the aids themselves are incorrectly sized for your ear canal, which makes them loose. Loose-fitting hearing aids cause feedback and that is what manifests as whistling.

The hearing aids are on high volume

Your hearing aids work similarly to a public address system. In some situation, the whistling may be caused by feedback due to incorrect volume settings. If you have been thinking the highest volume setting will help in making your haring better, you are mistaken. The volume setting should be adjusted accordingly depending on the environment you are in. While high volume is fine if you are in a crowded place, having your hearing aids at their highest volume setting will cause feedback in your ear canal, which causes you to subsequently hear whistling. Try turning down the volume on the hearing aids to check if this issue resolves. If not, the problem likely lies with something else.

There is a wax build-up in your ears

The same way you are supposed to clean your hearing aids regularly is the same approach you should take with cleaning your ears. If your hearing aids are in good condition but your ear canal is filled with wax, then there will be a distortion of the sound coming from the aids. The more wax accumulating in your ear, the more distortion occurs when sounds pass through the canal, and this leads to feedback. Take note that the more feedback your hearing is exposed to, the higher the chance is of developing chronic headaches.

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