Why You Should Opt for Custom Orthotic Inserts

If you struggle with foot pain every day, you know how debilitating this can be. You're likely on the lookout for a solution for some time and somebody may have suggested that you consider fitting orthotic inserts. They may also have told you to find these products in your local supermarket, as there are some over-the-counter solutions that may help in your case. However, this might not be your best approach as these generic products could have their own limitations and in, some circumstances, could actually make the issue worse. Why should you consider getting something tailor-made for you instead?

Mass-Market Isn't Enough

Orthotic products that are sold in a general store are by their very definition manufactured for mass-market supply. Each person is, of course, different and not only that, they will wear several different pairs of shoes as they go through their week. Never try to "adapt" a generic product, as this is very unlikely to develop the perfect solution.

Your foot is also a very complicated mechanical device and has many different parts, all of which combine to provide you with a stable base and the ability to walk effectively without pain. A customised orthotic insert will take into account the dimensions of each element and will help to provide support for your heel, toes, arch and all the other parts.

Address Your Illness or Fitness Goals

Some people suffer from a degenerative disease such as diabetes, which can cause problems with their feet. If you're unlucky enough to be one of these individuals you know that this illness can affect circulation and have an adverse effect on the blood vessels and nerve endings. In this case, it is crucial for you to get a custom fitted orthotic, as you don't want to make the situation worse.

Other people may be lucky to be in perfect health but may put even more stress and strain on the feet due to their general activity. They may like to take part in the athletic competition or to run on a daily basis and will certainly need to get the proper type of balance if they expect to be able to perform to their best. Once again, a custom orthotic insert will be indicated.

The Better Approach

Instead of paying a visit to your supermarket and scouring the shelves for a generic product, get in touch with your podiatrist instead. They will be able to give you detailed advice and recommend a product that will help in your situation.

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