Relationship Counselling Facts

If a couple is unable to sort out their differences, they may prefer to seek the services of a relationship or marriage counsellor. During relationship counselling sessions the counsellor engages the couple in various forms of therapy to help them solve disputes and improve the state of the relationship. If you have not had couples therapy before, here are a few things you should know: 

  1. Relationship counselling can only work if both of you are committed. If one spouse does not want to see the counsellor, then there is a high probability that the intervention will not work.
  2. Have an open mind and heart when you visit the counsellor. Pour out your feelings about the other person and the relationship. Expect your partner to say things that he or she has not said before.
  3. Do not always expect marriage counselling to mend a failing relationship. Sometimes, visiting the therapist will make the two of you realise that you are no longer meant for each other. In such cases, you might opt for a divorce.
  4. You need to exercise a lot of patience during the sessions. Practice what the therapist suggests, and with time you will notice significant progress.
  5. Do not force your partner to abide by the therapist's suggestions; focus on doing your part consistently. With time, your partner will also likely do the same.

Finding a relationship counsellor can be challenging. There are many relationship counsellors in the market, so couples may have a hard time deciding which counsellor they should work with. Below are some tips to guide you when looking for a relationship counsellor. 


The therapist must have a good reputation. You can seek testimonials from previous clients or check for positive online reviews. Preferably, the counsellor should have a few years of experience in the industry.


It is possible for unqualified individuals to get into the counselling industry. As such, ensure that the counsellor is qualified and licensed to practice. Affiliation with a professional counselling body is an added advantage.

You can also gauge the skills of the therapist. Ask what methods he or she will use to counsel you. Consider asking what parameters will be used to assess if the therapy sessions are working.


The costs of relationship counselling vary depending on the counsellor you choose. Ensure that the counsellor is affordable. Besides this, ask about any extra charges you might incur during your sessions.

Relationship counselling is generally an effective way for couples to mend a failing relationship. A good marriage counsellor should be reputable, experienced, qualified and affordable. 

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