4 Reasons to Visit Your Local Dermatologist

You shouldn't feel alone if you're not a fan of visiting doctors. As usually the bearers of most bad news, doctors certainly get a bad rap, but if you want to enjoy your old age, you should probably give them a visit every now and then. Because Australians are exposed to such a harsh environment, our skin, in particular, goes through a lot. Due to this fact, it's probably a good idea to keep your local dermatologist, or skin doctor, in mind. But what exactly are some reasons to visit a dermatologist?

Wart Treatments

Usually nothing more than a bit unsightly, warts don't normally cause any harm to their host, and can be left to fester if you please. However, they often repulse people who haven't had a wart before, who perhaps they think they're contagious, which they actually are. If this or some other reason has convinced you to seek the removal of a wart or warts, then a dermatologist can help. Whether through burning, freezing, cutting, or removal by laser, a dermatologist can offer you the best chance of permanent and easy removal of your warts.

Skin Cancer Checks

Whether you're a bit suspect of a weird looking mole or are just behind on your routine check-ups, you should probably get skin cancer check; it could easily save your life. In fact, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, Australians have the world's second highest incidence rate of melanoma, a common type of skin cancer. Because of this, going to your local dermatologist for a skin cancer check is probably a good idea, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun or are of a lighter complexion. Also, if you have a mole or more which you suspect may be prone to becoming cancerous, you can go to a dermatologist to have it evaluated, and if it is deemed prone to cancer, they can often remove it in as little as one visit.

Tattoo Removal

Many Australians have a tattoo which they had done in their youth, only to regret it later on, as with many other youthful decisions. If you want a tattoo removed, and you don't want some cheap job done by an amateur, no one is better suited to solve your problem than a dermatologist. Often with the best modern laser tattoo removal equipment on the market, a trained dermatologist can rid of even the darkest of tattoos.

Chemical Peels

If your skin is suffering the effects of prolonged sun damage, the mask of pregnancy, years of acne, or even fine wrinkles, a dermatologist can help you out through the use of chemical peels. By applying a chemical solution to your problem areas, dermatologists can trigger the controlled shedding of multiple layers of damaged skin, allowing a new layer of skin to emerge!

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